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Auto Repair Services for Your Car, Truck 4x4 or Fleet

InC Auto Repair Center is Parker Colorado’s newest full-service car care center. Our experienced auto mechanics are supported by brand new, state of the art equipment ready to serve all of your automotive repair and maintenance needs. What's in your garage? Is it the family car, favorite sports car, 4x4 or Jeep, a heavy-duty truck, or maybe a vintage classic? InC Auto Repair Center is ready to service most domestic and foreign vehicles, including gas and diesel engines.

If you’re like most folks, your vehicle is probably the second most expensive investment you’ve made next to your home. Even if you plan to buy or lease a new car or truck every couple of years, it still makes sense to take good care of your wheels. After all, you and your family depend on your vehicle nearly every day! Nothing shortens the life of your car, truck, SUV or 4x4 faster than improper or inconsistent maintenance. At InC Auto Repair Center in Parker, we understand engines, suspensions, tires, brakes and everything in between. We employ only the most qualified mechanics to work on your vehicle.

Premium Extended Warranty

Inc Auto Repair Center offers one of the best warranty on parts & labor in Parker.

4yr 40k Mile Premium Warranty from InC Auto Repair Center Parker CO

We Reward Referrals

Want to earn a $25 Visa Gift Card? It's easy. When you refer a friend or family member to us, make sure they mention your name at the time they check in for service. If their work order for parts and labor exceeds $200, we will get in contact with you to arrange delivery of your $25 Visa Gift Card. Pretty easy, right?

InC Auto Repair Center Parker CO rewards referrals

Fleet Vehicles.

Have your own business? Talk to us about our fleet vehicle maintenance programs – we’ve got you covered there too.

Let’s Talk Oil Changes.

Many automobile manufacturers suggest an oil change every 7,500 miles for passenger vehicles and light trucks. If you’ve got a turbocharged or diesel-powered vehicle, an oil change every 3,000 miles is generally recommended. But take a careful look at the small print on these automaker recommendations; you’ll find that these recommendations are for automobiles being driven in “normal” conditions. Most drivers think their driving habits are “normal”. The truth is, the majority of drivers probably fall into the “severe service” designation. Most folks probably drive short duration runs (10 miles or less), often in cold weather with stop and go city driving. Added up, these are all extremely rough on your vehicle’s engine. Be smart and get that oil changed every 3,000 miles. We include a 32-point Vehicle Health & Safety Evaluation with every oil change, which will help identify a lot of other needed maintenance items. If your tires are due to be rotated, we'll take care of that as well with your oil change at no extra charge.

Check out our Oil Change pricing on our Monthly Spotlight page.

Oil Change Pricing and Auto Services in Parker CO

How About Those Tires?

Improper tire pressure, uneven wear on your tires, and faulty brakes not only hurt your fuel economy but can also be dangerous. Let’s not forget tire tread, especially when it comes to the new minimum tread requirement rules here in Colorado. Our complimentary 30-point Vehicle Health Evaluation included with every oil change eliminates any excuse for allowing these items to go untreated. Think of it like a physical or routine checkup for your car just as you would go to the doctor to take care of yourself or your family!


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Keeping up with recommended routine maintenance extends the life and value of your vehicle.  The best investment you can make in your car or truck is having a trained auto mechanic conduct a professional oil change at recommended intervals.  At InC Auto Repair Center, we include a complimentary 32-point Vehicle Health & Safety Evaluation with every oil change. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you when you are due for service!
  • Oil Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Air Filter Check
  • 32-Point Vehicle Health & Safety Evaluation
  • Fluids Check
  • Brake Inspection
  • Battery Check
  • Courtesy Service Reminders


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Our Tool Box

Just as you’ve invested in your vehicle, we’ve invested in the best diagnostic, alignment, testing, and repair equipment available to service your car or truck here at InC Auto Repair Center. As automobiles become “smarter”, we have to keep our toolbox current with the latest equipment.
  • Hunter Alignment Machine (12,000 pounds)
  • Hunter Low Profile Rack
  • Hunter Tire Changer
  • Hunter Tire Balancer
  • Autel MaxiSYS Diagnostic System
  • 1234YF & 134A A/C Evac & Recharge Systems
  • New Rotary Lift (10,000 pounds)
  • Kenz & Leslie – BG Products


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Critical to your safety and others on the road are your vehicle’s steering, suspension and brakes. Each is impacted by miles, wear, and tear. They all rely on each other to work properly – you can count on our crew to make sure they do.
  • OEM/Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts
  • 4 year/40,000 mile Parts & Labor Warranty*
  • Complimentary Brake Inspections
  • Complimentary Tire Tread Inspections
  • Hunter Alignment Machine (12,000 pounds)
  • Hunter Low Profile Rack
  • Hunter Tire Changer
  • Hunter Tire Balancer
*Check with our Service Manager for details.


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Best in Parker

We deliver quality parts and service you can rely on. We back up our work with a guarantee on all parts we sell + our workmanship for four-years or 40,000 miles, whichever comes first*. This Premium Extended Warranty program is more than most shops offer in Parker and Metro Denver. Talk to us.
  • More Miles Under Warranty than most*
  • Longer Time Under Warranty than most*
  • Honored Nationwide (lower 48-states)
  • Travel the Country with Confidence
*Check with our Service Manager for details.

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